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Intelligent Processes that give you the Edge

Work smarter with Streamline Edge.

Reduce your admin effort, improve responsiveness and accuracy


Tired of systems that slow you down?

How much time and effort do you spend working on:

  • Entering data

  • Keeping track of team activities

  • Following up staff

  • Compiling reports

  • Manually preparing documents and reports


The Edge enables you to harness your strengths, improve efficiency and build capacity.

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Free up your time

Why not send your client a link to one of our secure Smart Forms that is pre-filled with any information you already have on your customer?

They can quickly update the form and submit it for processing.

Our intelligent forms collect the information entered and update information in the Edge platform for you.

No more re-keying of information, saving you time, and ensuring that you always have the most up to date information at your fingertips.

Business Owner in Workshop

Raise the bar for customer service.

You know you need to improve customer experience but it’s hard to see clearly across all the channels and your important metrics are obscured.
Smart organizations like yours are already improving customer experience. But do you have full visibility?
And even if you were there, you’d need a solution that could adapt and change with your business.
Streamline Edge is the best way your customers can get a truly consistent experience. It's the simplest way to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Financial Report

Reduce Reporting Effort

How much effort is necessary to gather the information necessary to make effective decisions?

How often do you see the issue after it hits the "bottom line"?

We give you the Edge by gathering the information you need at every step of the way from first contact with the customer through to the last conversation with them.

We compile the information you need for:

  • Enquiries

  • Sales - Opportunities, Quotes

  • Delivery - Jobs, Timesheets etc

  • Invoices

  • Support - Cases, Support Tickets etc

Using a Touch Phone

Easy Inputs!

Why spend hours filling in paper forms, or web forms that are not connected to your CRM?

Save the time and hassle with our Smart Forms. 


Intelligent Processing

Deliver quality service every time with our intelligent guided processes.

Job interview

Efficient Outcomes

Build strong relationships with clients, track progress and build momentum.

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